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There used to be coaching and personal development – designed to perform better on the job in order to earn even more money. Coaches and trainers on behalf of companies who have tried to get even more out of us and thus achieve more performance in the same time. That’s history.

Today there is personality development – learning things that are fun for us and that help us advance in life. So that we can do something with our family and friends, afford a cool home, look at our health and maybe even take a casual vacation. And for that we need our job, where we do what we like, because that’s when it works best.

We believe that the little things are actually the big things. That finding meaning and joy in the little things is what makes the great meaning that everyone is looking for possible in the first place. Share, swap and build yourself, these are the relevant things for a good togetherness – and take care of our environment.

For this we have developed our form of personality development: it’s about knowledge and training – the focus is on practicing and doing new things. Without time pressure, with fun and ease. To create experiences in which the new knowledge can be tried out and integrated into life. And everyone can think about what suits them and how it should be and then train every day – like in sport.

What are the really important things in life – basic care, hygiene and cleanliness, health, a roof over your head and friends / family.

So it is more important to have joy in life again and to look at your own health, family and friends, to have a good relationship and to take care of our environment.

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